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Webtoon: Safely Endangered

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As much as I love a good, deep, engaging story most of the time, there are times in which I just wanna kick up my feet, and have a good laugh.

Maybe I’m in between classes, or about to go to sleep and want a comic to read that isn’t much thinking as much as it is just being quick, clever, and satisfying.

That’s what you get with the popular webcome “Safely Endangered.”

While it’s bene out for a couple of years now, I only recently came upon it in its whole. Prior to that it was via memes from all over social media.

One of the one I ran into was what’s now being called the “Oh bother” comic, in which Tigger notifies Winnie the Pooh that what’s he’s eating in the jar is now honey.

Spoilers: it’s the ashes of Tigger’s dead father. Yup. It’s that kind of humor.

Eacch of the panels are totally aimed at the millennium to early 80’s childhood crowd with both its combination of cuteness in characters (especially their faces) and the strong sense of nostalgia, which comes from the characters in the comics, like the aforementioned Winnie the Pooh, and also other like Superman, Nintendo icons, and even Transformers. The Transformers one made me snicker.

The creator of the comic, Chris McCoy, knows his audience very well. Nostalgia is a big thing with us and we also have the attention span of gnat, so that’s why his comics work to well.

If you have a minute to spare while waiting in at Starbucks, then you can still enjoy his works. If you can’t sleep, you can spend hours reading and laugh, and then crying because it’s already past 1AM.

If you haven’t given Safely Endangered a look see, what are you waiting for?!