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Webtoon: Fluffy Boyfriend

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A cursed girl’s life changes forever when her cat, who lived with her quietly for a long time, shows her his real human form. Fluffy Boyfriend is a love story in a world of half-animal humans secretly living in plain sight.”

Fluffy Boyfriend, a newer web comic by artist Mihi. The premise for the comic is pretty simple, but already four chapters in, I’m starting to realize that there is a lot more going on than what I’d initially assumed.



When first jumping into Fluffy Boyfriend, I was expecting not much mystery. I thought that everything would be revealed within the first chapter and then it would become your typical slice of life comic.

Not so. Instead, we’re introduced to the main character who is unceremoniously dumped by her then-boyfriend for a mysterious curse.

What is the curse? We’re not told yet, and that’s fine with me because Mihi is good at revealing other tension oriented things, like why in the hell is there an anthropomorphic naked (albiet very hot) catboy standing in her house when she gets back?

While the hijinks of this sliver of the narrative could have been merely “it’s a comic and therefore weird things happen,” Mihi takes it a step further and reveals that there is something darker in the history of the catboy’s appearance.

A mysterious man he calls Master abusively smacks him and demands that he pack his things and get ready to go back to a mysterious lab.



But why?


Why is the big question for many of these growing story threads, and it’s a reason for me to keep returning each week, on Saturday, to see where it all leads.

If Mihi is able to keep up the mystery and/or give us good enough reveals that make us care for the continually growing tragic main protagonists, then count me in!

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