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Webtoon: Dragnarok

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Having Dragnarok, the webtoon created by KPJ and Magmi, start with running in the prologue is fitting in both a story and a figurative manner. Dragnarok is a fast paced, yet very fulfilling fantasy story.

It does what webtoons should do, which is tell a compelling story in a limited amount of space. Your readership, in many of these cases in the millennial age range, which we’re known for having a small attention span.

“Dragnarok is a fantasy story set in Aradel, the world where humans and dragons used to live together in peace and harmony.”

Dragnarok’s prologue is filled with both a haunting opening scene that is common to any fantasy nut out there, and lore that is deep enough to satiate the need for it, but not too wordy that you want to skip it.

Story-wise, as far as the prologue goes, the story isn’t anything too out there. It’s very familiar territory, especially for those who are into dragon fantasy tales.

You have the council, the rebel, the lore that explains humans’ place in the fantastical cosmos. Its familiarity, however, isn’t one of the reasons why it’s fun to read. It’s for fans made by fans.

The illustration of Dragnarok are quite lush and sharp. There’s a western-meets-eastern appeal to them, as they contain the sharper edges more common in western comics, but also the atmospheric landscape shots that eastern comics are known for. This creates an engaging blend.

So head on over to webtoons and give Dragnarok a read!


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