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Webtoon: Assassin Roommate

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Description: “A nerdy, introverted gal and an extroverted, former frat guy move into an apartment together after college — it’s a win-win situation for two people who want nothing to do with one another.”

Things heat up rather quickly in the popular webtoon “Assassin Roommate.” This romance/slice of life/heroic comic is quite interesting and hits the ground pretty quickly with establishing its characters. We’re introduced to Mag. She’s our narrator. She’s graduated, as we find out in the first panel and she’s seeking a roommate. She’s the anal retentive type, as she makes a list of needs her future roommate must meet.

Not gonna lie, I could relate to her right off the bat, which is what I think the point of her character is. She’s strong, and knows what she wants. She also has a lot of the traits that many of us nerds have such as being introverted, into stuff like Star Wars, and socially awkward. I personally also love that Mag is thicker then your typical comic book protagonist, which helps thicker people like me feel like we’ve got another character to relate to.

The “odd couple” formula is used to introduce the two characters, as we see Mag meet her former frat boy roommate. The contrasts are physical, and we see much of the interaction from her POV. She’s insecure, as I totally would be in her case, and her walls are pushed up instantly. We see that there is a some attraction to her roommate though, especially when he’s shirtless. But can we really blame her? Like, wow, that torso. Omg.

Thus far, we’ve got 13 nice chapters of the comic, and things get really, really interesting after the second chapter, but my lips are sealed! You’ll have to read it to see what I mean!


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