Talk to Me Visual Novel

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LiveJournal, back in the day, used to be one of the ideal places to share your thoughts online. I’d call it, in some ways, a pre-Tumblr. It was place for people who felt like underdogs could come together remind each other that there are other underdogs out there.

It’s with this in mind, that I came across the success visual novel project “Talk to Me Visual Novel.”

“A plot-driven romantic visual novel with an LGBTQ+ cast that explores themes of mental health, loss, and identity. [BxG/B]”

“Talk to Me” toes the line between the ideal visual novel and the anti-visual novel. It knows it brothers and sisters and decides that it wants to do things differently. And yet, it also pay homage to the genre.

“The first thing I wanted to do was to write a flawed but interesting protagonist. A lot of times, the protagonists in Dating Sims have these tragic pasts that have a hold over them. I thought I could find a way to write that in a way that made sense and made for a good story. I thought I could find a way to write that in a way that made sense and made for a good story. The story line is utterly mundane. No apocalyptic event has happened, the world remains basically the same and the main character isn’t chosen to do anything.”

The visual novel will tackle some important subjects through the eyes of a character whom we don’t usually see in games that often.

“The entire game is from the perspective of a clinically depressed character and as such, it’s often difficult for him to make clear-headed choices. At the same time, the main character is looking for a connection with someone — whether that connection is romantic or not is up to the player to decide. The game also deals with themes such as grief, sexuality and identity.”

It’s not hard to see why the Kickstarter was a success!

“Talk To Me Visual Novel” is currently slated for a 2017 release!

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