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A Quick Look At: Code Vein

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I spent a good part of last year grinding through God Eater: Resurrection and God Eater 2: Rage Burst when the two titles released on to Playstation 4 in 2016.

As a fan of Shift studio’s 2014 offering Freedom Wars for the PS Vita, I jumped on the dev’s bandwagon, forever excited to hear about any new project they’ve been working on.

As a self-confessed otaku, I love how their games appeal to both my Japanese RPGamer side and the other that enjoys a compelling anime/manga story as well.

Freedom Wars and the God Eater games presented meaty stories that put you at the center of a conspiracy that unfolds in a world that comes alive through its characters and backstory.

Code Vein Is Turning Out to be Everything My Inner Otaku Wants in a Game!

Each of the narratives aren’t afraid to pull at your heartstrings as it’s nearly guaranteed you’ll lose one of your beloved allies, and have some gripping twists in the story.

You’ll care about the people and want to protect them all. And yes you’ll have fun picking your waifus/husbandos from the cast like I admittedly did. Beyond the story, each of the titles contained challenging but ultimately rewarding combat. With all this in mind, it was a no brainer than I’d put Code Vein, their latest game in development, on my radar.

Code Vein will be Shift’s take on the evolving craze of harder action RPG’s, started by the immensely popular series Dark Souls.

Some people are dubbing Code Vein as the “anime-Dark Souls” which I admittedly think makes sense when you look at the combat; however as a fan of their other games, and after having seen the multiple video First updates that IGN has dropped, I can say that the series looks like it’ll have more in common with their previous works then a mere Dark Souls with an otaku-approved skin.

There’s the insane combat.

The bosses won’t be push overs, as the player in the video shows that it’s pretty much a dodge fest, which if you’re familiar enough with the Dark Souls series is pretty much a staple.

Healing is limited. But there is a twist on the gameplay that you’ll notice, which is that you have the option of taking a story based NPC with you. This is familiar territory in their other games, and they will undoubtedly play just as big of a role in this game as your allies do in the other offerings.

I find this aspect of the gameplay to be very welcoming as I’m not a fan of one vs all the enemies combat.

The devs have mentioned that there is a enough differentiation between weapons which will allow for swift or harder, even more ranged attacks.

(I’m totally going ranged.)

The character customization will be the same as in previous games, though it feels more like that of Freedom Wars then God Eater’s.

If there was one thing that was fun in playing Shift’s other titles, it was having the chance to create and dress up your character. You get quite the selection as you can make characters look as anime as you want, or even make them chubbier or just look plain weird.

Shift knows their fan base and therefore you have a wide range to either make your character look something more akin to your typical bad ass shounen, your cutesy, younger looking character, or your bad ass, scantily clad female fighters.

While robust, the previous character customizations did leave some room for improvement, mainly because their other games weren’t quite up to PS4 standard graphics.

With Code Vein coming to PS4 and Xbox One, Shift had the chance to show the world what their established style looks like on current console graphics. Chances are I’ll go cutesy with my character. (Pink hair for the win!)

Code Vein also has some obvious tie ins with God Eater, mainly on how blood consumption works as part of the lore and the gameplay.

This time around, you’re not chomping into godly monsters as much as sucking the life out of the your enemies. But the story of Code Vein will be deeper then just bloodsuckers sucking blood.

While we’re still learning about the story, we do know that your jack, and that Tokyo-Ghoul like mask on your face acts as part of how you consume blood. Your blood will be part of how you enable your special powers. It’s not an unlimited resource however, so you’ll have to decide when and how to use them.

Suffice to say that I am super excited for Code Vein. It’ll be a while, it seems, until Shift officially releases another God Eater, and Code Vein seems like it’ll satiate many aspects of that craving.

So far we don’t have an exact release date for the game, but it is slated for 2018. I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the game as more about it is released.

This is Shift’s big chance to bring their otaku-approved aesthetics to the big playing grounds.

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