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Featured FanArt: Xenosaga

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The Xenosaga trilogy has become a niche trilogy that will either get nostalgic fans like us in a happy frenzy or will pass people’s minds with a shrug. The trilogy was meant to be a six part saga that transcended into the last console cycle but ended with three games in the PS2 era.

They sold decently but too many setbacks kept it from becoming the epic tale it was meant to be. With that said, the trilogy is still great. What the creators produced tells a full story and has some of the best character development we’ve ever experienced in video games to date.

Xenosaga continues to have a large fan base and with that fan base comes some stunning art, here are a few of our favorites!

  1. Kos-Mos by RubenDevela

XenoSaga Fan Art

  1. Xenosaga’s KOS-MOS Chibi by GhostFire

Xenosaga - Chibi Kos

  1. Chibi KOS-MOS Showcase by Primantis

Chibi Kos Mos -- Xenosaga

  1. T-elos by Jkuo

Xenosaga Kos Mos

  1. Project-X-Zone T-Elos Palette by CaliburWarrior

Xenosaga Kos Mos