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Featured FanArt: World of Warcraft Legion Edition

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World of Warcraft is hands down one of the biggest MMORPGS of all time. It has not only had the biggest groups of devotees but also has paved the way for many MMO’s to come out after it. For us here at PopGeekly, we consider WoW to be the reason why Final Fantasy 14 and its expansions are able to exist in the current state that they do. The inspiration helped to rebuild a once suffering successor to FF11.

WoW continues to be one of the oldest and biggest successes today, and that legend continues with Legion. Legion is the sixth expansion set in World of Warcraft, following Warlords of Draenor. It was released on August 30, 2016, and continues to expand on one of the most in-depth and complex fantasy tales to grace the video game industry.

And we would like to not only commemorate it but also give a shout out to the fan art community behind this expansion. So join us in taking a look and being in awe of what fans of WoW have created.

  1. Human Paladin by syncmax

Human Paladin by syncmax - World of Warcraft Fan Art

  1. Undead Mage by MartaNael

Undead Mage by MartaNael - World of Warcraft Fan Art

  1. Draenei Warrior by wlop

Draenei Warrior by wlop - World of Warcraft Fan Art

  1. Illidan Stormrage by Seiorai

Illidan Stormrage by Seiorai - World of Warcraft Fan Art