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Featured FanArt: Magi Edition

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Upon release, the manga and then turned anime shonen series Magi proved to be very popular and for good reason. The tale takes place in an alternate world in which the ancient Old World consists of several regions and nations that have a resemblance to that of their real life counterparts from their respective eras.

In this alternative world beings possess a spirit known as Rukh. When these beings die, their spirit goes back to the core of existence in which the Rukh is given life again, thus going into a cycle of life and rebirth called “Fate.”

Someone’s Rukh becomes tainted when negative emotions like sadness, hopelessness and anger overcome them, and then they are out on a dark path, which keeps them from staying on track to “Fate.” This is called the “Fall into Depravity.”

It’s from this eastern minded philosophy that an elaborate and complex series of stories have been told and from these elaborate stories have come a fan base, and from that fan base comes from very cool looking FanArt!

So today, we’d like share some of these art pieces with you so that you, as fans of Magi, can relish in their awesomeness, or if you’re unfamiliar with Magi, will be tempted to give the anime a watch and the manga a read.

  1. Magi By MONQMONK

Magi Fan Art by MONQMONK

  1. MAGI by Miyukiko

Magi Fan Art by Miyukiko

  1. MAGI by HalAki

Magi Fan Art by HalAki

  1. .MAGI. by Hetiru

Magi Fan Art by Hetiru


  1. MAGI 01 by yooani

Magi Fan Art by Yooani