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Featured FanArt: Final Fantasy 15

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For this week’s Featured FanArt, we have some art work based on the up and coming Final Fantasy 15 video game and the characters that inhabit it. It is no secret that the game is one of the most highly anticipated JRPG’s coming out this winter season.

There is a lot at stake with the previous Final Fantasy 13 trilogy seen as a disappointment to parts of the huge fan base. But it looks like fans have already started to embrace the FF15 lore before it’s even come, which shows just how excited we all are for its release in November. Until then, shall we enjoy some Fan Art?

  1. Noctis by Artipelago

Final Fantasy 15 - Noctis

  1. Thunder God by Orioto

Thunder God - Final Fantasy 15

  1. FFXV: Sprite Noctis by Rain-Strive

Final Fantasy 15 - Noctis - Sprite - Chibi

  1. Final Fantasy XV Contest – #UnbreakableBonds by Cedirvin

Final Fantasy 15 - Unbreakable Bond

  1. FFXV – Unbreakable Bond by Nijuuni

Final Fantasy 15 - Unbreakable Bond