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Featured Fan: No. 6

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Back during this past summer, we got into the anime No. 6, which is a dystopian manga/anime narrative that follows the “perfect” city called No. 6 and the main character Shion, who was raised in the utopian society. Not too long after the story established the setting of perfection, it slowly starts to crumble with the appearance of a boy who is known only by the name “Rat.”

The dynamic between Shion and Rat is the main thread in the story that kept us reading and even made some of us cry at times. Their world and its conflicts are so deeply connected and their constant push-and-pull nature. Fans of the series have taken this story to heart and communicated their love for it through their fan made art of these two characters.

In some cases, it’s best to let the artistry speak for itself. This is perhaps one of those cases. So without further ado, here are some of the best fan art we’ve come across for No. 6. Enjoy!

  1. Credit: KL, No.6, Nezumi (No.6), Shion (No.6), Library, Pillow,

  1. Credit: Kanou Ayumi, No.6, Hamlet (No.6), Shion (No.6), Nezumi (No.6), Face to Face,

  1. Credit: Yo Z, No.6, Shion (No.6), Nezumi (No.6), Kiss On The Lips,

  1. Credit: AL-lamp,

  1. Credit: Fanpop,

  1. Credit: No.6 Sion and Nezumi by tifl429,

Have you created any fan art? Or have you seen some really cool ones lately? If so send them to us, we would love to see them.