Cosplayer Spotlight: Rinn

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Meet Rinn Tsai, Rinn slays our existence with her cosplay. It is so dead on that sometimes she looks like the
character made flesh and bone! For instance, take a look at this:

Rinn 1

In this cosplay, she has the image down! She delicately shades the hair so that it’s a periwinkle tone but adds subtle pink highlights to the mix. The eyebrows match the hair color as well.

Her eyes are artistically made up and sculpted to look bigger and anime like, accentuating the deep blue the characters’s eyes. The pink hair ribbon is a minor but perfect detail. It adds a small amount of character development to them both.

The head band is beautifully designed with flowers on top. Rinn does add some more human life things to the character though for instance in her lips they are lightly shaded pink, complimenting her pale and also pinkish skin tone.
Rinn 2

In another picture from the same photo shoot, she sits on the railing of a beautifully painted, white, western style structure, presumably a mansion as she’s depicting a made.

The roses are attention grabbing and are reminiscent of the flowers we always see in manga and anime. They invoke a signal for beauty, and they’re realistically portrayed here to give us a sense that she’s beautiful and captivating.

She sits atop the railing in an anime character like pose as well, further blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

If you haven’t checked her cosplay out yet, do yourself a favor and go now!