Cosplayer Spotlight: Kurosaki Kage

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For this week’s Cosplayer Spotlight meet Kurosaki Kage! She is from Taiwan and she’s doing some amazing cosplay! She uses a lot of nice contrasts in her cosplay. Like the picture below she filters most of her images in a blue hue, which gives it a nostalgic feel.


該睡了 #艷漢 #cosplay #adekan #吉原安里

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Not all of her shots carry the same theme.


😎😎😎😎😎 #yuriocosplay #yurionice #cosplay #yurio

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She knows when it’s time to amp up the energy and shows us that it’s fine to have a little fun.



Kurosaki Kage has a wide variety of looks! So give her a follow and see what she comes up with next!