Cosplayer Spotlight: Henya

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There are the cosplayer we all know and love and then there’s the ones like Henya, a different kind of cosplayer that we are simply in awe of. The South Korean cosplayer does things a little differently.

Instead of going for the sexy, colorful, flowery cosplayer style that we are all familiar with she is not afraid to make things eerie, other worldly, and downright badass!

Some of the photos give off a night of the living dead vibe. She’s got eyes that remind you of something from a zombie apocalypse film. Her hair is white, stringy, almost looking as if it will fall over. The make up around her eyes are dark and give a decaying and malnourished vibe to her body.



It would only make sense that she would take on Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. She nails it with the striking green eyes, the facial mask with the ghoulish grin attached with it. She varies the style with red eyes as well.



And once again her hair is on point…but this time much more livelier. Just to add to the eerie nature, she adds artistic dashes of blood to the photos as well.


So if you’re looking for a cosplayer with an edge to their performance, Henya is totally your gal! Follow her on Twitter, Naver, or WorldofCosplay!