Cosplayer Spotlight: Shyuan

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Meet Shyuan! Yukoni’s a cosplayer or “coser” as she calls it.She’s from Taiwan! She hopes “we can interflow and be a friend.” That makes her sound hypnotic and enchanting. Just like her cosplay style!

YU Shyuan-TW cosplayer4

Yukoni’s cosplay work is very active. What we mean by this is that it always seems like she’s up to something. It makes her cosplay appealing. In one photo, she looks to be announcing the performance of a lifetime! In another she is striking a pose and destroying our existence. It’s a sweet death. Death by cuteness!

YU Shyuan-TW cosplayer5

Some of her cosplays feature active backgrounds as well. You’ll catch her draped in streamers from the ceiling as they actively become part of her costume. It reminds us of the opening scenes of an anime.. were just waiting for the music to start!YU Shyuan-TW cosplayer3

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YU Shyuan-TW cosplayer
YU Shyuan-TW cosplayer2