Cosplayer Spotlight: Grey-san

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In this week’s Cosplayer Spotlight we have Grey-San and his team Coshalfnaked. They are definitely some interesting cosplayers. So let’s take a quick look at Grey-san and his team!
Grey-San Cosplay 2
They have one of the cutest intros we’ve ever seen. They write:

“3 guys who end up cosplaying half naked guys all the time. Not necessarily by choice. Not your typical cosplayers; just guys who enjoy cosplaying for the fun of it, without the drama. We like food.”

So it would make sense that quite a few of his cosplay photos have a half-naked appeal to them.

In the picture above, the three guys take on different expressions of the characters, giving us a depth of emotion. On the left, a more stern and dutiful look, the middle with a look of disdain, and the right side with exuberance.

The color of their hair is similar to the anime style and can we talk about those abs. We’ve got the washboard abs on the left, the lean and toned on the left and on the right.


Grey-San Cosplay 1

Grey-San also does cosplay on his own, like when he totally slayed the Neji Hyūga from Naruto. The hair is on point, with a jet-black sheen to it. The headband adds an authentic measure to the cosplay, and we can’t forget the eyes. Those eyes! Grey-San Cosplay 3

And not to mention, he totally slayed the Gilgamesh cosplay of the beloved character from the Fate anime and manga series. His natural hair was used alongside the golden autumnal backdrop to bring out the golden brown shades of his outfit.

If you haven’t followed Grey-San yet, do so now on his Facebook, World of Cosplay and Instagram! We promise its worth the follow.