Retro Play: Spirited Away

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Studio Ghibli is constantly considered the go to for all noobs to the Japanese animation club. They are the responsible for bringing Japanese animation into so many different households around the world. While many of us established weeaboos would scoff at this as we have all been a part of the phenomenon for forever, we still thank Studio Ghibli for helping to populate it to such a level.

One movie in particular that’s been pointed to as part of this revolution is the now fifteen year old classic Spirited Away!

The film had Hayao Miyazaki as the mastermind behind the film, which won an Academy Award; this certainly established it as a classic on par with other animation giants like Disney.

The narrative follows Chihiro, a ten year old girl who is swept into a fantasy world with wild creature, magical and interesting witches! With the help a young boy named Haku who turns into a dragon, Chihiro fights to get back to earth.

The movie sits with a 97% rating meaning it is universally acclaimed! It is easy to see why as the animation still holds up fifteen years later. But it’s the world that really makes it work. Each of the creatures you experience are weird and enchanting. They feel fully realized and bring a sense of life to this odd fantastical world.

The balance of the familiar with the Fantasy invokes a sense of imagination and nostalgia in us. Entertainment Weekly called the movie “a triumph of psychological depth and artistic brilliance offered as the magical adventures of one skinny little girl.”

On its fifteenth anniversary, we can’t help but pay our respects to one of the most amazing anime movies of all times. If you’re new to the movie, now is a perfect time to watch and celebrate with us. For those who haven’t seen it in a while, this weekend is the perfect time!