Retro Play: Ninja Scroll

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In this week’s Retro Play, we take a look at Ninja Scroll, which is for many older fans one of the first anime that they’ve ever seen. It introduced them to brutal sword fights and unapologetic sex scenes. It can be rather forceful in its presentation but that’s what made it groundbreaking.

Ninja Scroll is for all its purposes an action anime. But it doesn’t shy away from having an intriguing story, great characters, music that moves you, and an atmosphere full of heavy hearts and heavy decisions.

And what’s cool about the way the story presents itself is through how it uses suspense. It is one of the driving points of the narrative and keeps you going. It won’t let go and you’ll not have a moment to take a breath. It’s all done through beautiful animation.

Atmospherically, the story is dark. The anime likes to flirt with horror and action. Its dark, creeps into your skin, and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Story wise you won’t be in for a complex narrative, but it’s the twists that’ll keep you watching.

Additionally you’ll be interested in the characters because they are all well written. It’s nice to see characters go beyond just being your typical good and evil type. Who knows you may even find yourself attached to them by the end of your journey, so check it out today!