Retro Play: Lovely Complex

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The anime Lovely Complex is as shoujo as you can get. Girl meets boy and the girl likes boy. But of course we have to have a problem come up and it’s comes with the fact that the girl is half a foot taller than the boy. And here is where things get interesting.


The plot is pretty easy to capture from there. This is your crossroads of slice of life and romance and even comedy. You have your romantic drama, the hilariously ridiculous shenanigans, and of course your moments of cuteness and fluffiness will undoubtedly put you in a frenzy of squeeing.

This is definitely not for the super cynical at heart! The over arching story is pretty predictable too as you’ll find yourself expecting what will happen but that doesn’t essentially take away from the enjoyment. It’s still very engaging and fun to watch.


You’ll follow the antics of Risa Koizumi. She’s dramatic. Very dramatic. This will either be funny for you or will get on your nerves. She’s also hysterical, crazy and just plain ridiculous. She’s quite the caricature. While she is over the top she does have some depth to her as she’s sympathetic and relatable. She’s also super emotional. She does also grow through the series.

Our male character Atsushi is a bit in the clueless side at first some of the things he does can be outright annoying but they all feel true to his character. It does make for some rather hilarious interactions. He also acts as a nice counterpart to Risa which makes their chemistry (or lack of at times) come off believable.

This retro anime is more of the same shoujo antics that we have come to know and love. It’s a good story told for its traditional niche.