Retro Play: Gunsmith Cats

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Girls and guns is now a very played out trope of anime but back in the day it was exciting and sought after more so by seinen fans. This brings us to Gunsmith Cats, which is an anime cop show and you’ve got your bounty hunters and other elements that all make for a good classic, 70’s/80’s styled action show.

The story is pretty classic in its arrangement as you’ll get the typical cop experience: a Russian assassin, an ATF agent, and gun runners. The story is equal parts fun but also keeps you interested with light mystery and suspense elements. Given that it is a classic you have to forgive it for being a bit predictable in some areas. After all this was one of the anime paving the way for others. It’s like criticizing older Star Wars movies for not having the same amount of special effects as today’s blockbusters.

Speaking of special effects, this is an old anime and therefore the animation shows its age. It doesn’t hold up to modern day HD but that’s totally fine. Looking at its artwork is like taking a time machine back to an earlier time when the world was still only barely becoming acquainted and obsessed with anime and its quirky art form. Placing your judgments aside will make it easy to enjoy this anime. There’s a lot of attention to detail. It gives us a cool look at a yesteryear Chicago as well.

The characters in the anime are most definitely more stereotypical but once again, this anime is like taking a time machine and watching anime dig its roots into ground and establish itself into the behemoth that it is today. It’s nice to see where today’s trope came from and the gunsmith Cats are definitely troping it up! We found it charming and we think that anime enthusiasts who are looking to broaden their horizons will really enjoy this.

Gunsmith Cats is s cookie-cutter, predictable, and stereotypical anime which is what makes it the perfect classic. Give it a chance and check it out today!