Retro Play: Bokura Ga Ita

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It has been roughly ten years since the world was introduced to Bokura Ga Ita, a romantic drama that is very conscious of its audience and what they love to watch.

Bokura Ga Ita is about Takahashi Nanani and Motoharu Yano both are high schoolers that fall in love with each other. The series revolves around their relationship and the ups and downs they experience. One of their major issues they face is the fact that they are growing up and so is their relationship and that means that they will have to deal with the pains of pending adulthood. Will they be able to grow together or will they grow apart? What makes it gripping is how the story presents some very believable depictions of the struggles they experience.

While ten years isn’t too long in general terms, it is noticeable in technological terms. While there isn’t anything truly ground breaking for the art work, it’s still beautiful.

If you are a classic shoujo fan you will laugh, and you are most definitely going to cry when you watch this series.