Feature Play: Tales of Zestiria X Season Two Finale

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Note: Spoilers for both Tales of Zestiria the video game and anime below.

The wait for how the story of Tales of Zestiria’s anime redressing was over a month for those who were following the series, but it felt like forever for the big fans of the series and anime! It was quite the flashy and beautiful re-envisioning of the final parts of the game.


But first let’s get the impression of the final confrontation out of the way: for those who knew it was coming it probably wasn’t all that shocking, and in a general sense it isn’t all that bloody or gory.

But then again if you’re already on season two, were you really expecting the visual tone of the anime to shift to something out of Berserk? Of course not! But you did expect a lot of magic to be flinging and yes there was a lot of that indeed.

*Spoilers start here*

Sacrifice was the big theme in the game, and sacrifice is still at the epicenter of the ending as Sorey begins to purify the world and the malevolence goes back into Heldalf.

Sorey is stubborn and refuses to end it for Heldalf with his murder. The realization comes from the true idea of a Shepard as Sorey sacrifice himself by absorbing and converting evil to stop the flow of malevolence.

He then “joins” himself with Heldalf until the world can regain itself into a more stable, less dark state of existence. But before doing so, he has to say his goodbyes. This is where things got quite heartfelt as the focus is mostly put on Mikleo and Sorey, as Mikleo’s reaction is the most pained. Mikleo fans, like ourselves will cry seeing the exchange.

From here, we are given some nice epilogue moments, which is nice because the game was lacking quite a bit of that, and thus left us starving for a bit more resolution.

(And no, don’t point out the DLC addition to the game. That doesn’t really count…)

We are given an after-the-fact look at the other characters as Alisha continues to put forth peace between nation and her and Rose may be a thing.

Lailah continues the journey to fight malevolence with another Shepard, Zaveid and Edna return to the mountains, to name a few, but the one that really matters here, at least if you take into account how much screen time he’s given, is Mikleo’s scenario.

If you were let down by the elusive ending of the game, which saw Milkeo and what-may-have-been Sorey grabbing him as he falls into a hole, then you’ll be excited to know that the recent ending takes that and tosses it out.

This time, we not only see them talk to one another as Sorey returns, but they actually hug one another and Mikleo tears up. Aww.

While there were moments of yawning as the second season was a little too extended in some parts (like the middle episodes and their filler), the ending alone makes it a must watch for fans of the game and complete experience for those who invested in it.