Feature Play: Rainbow Days

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Rainbow Days is one of the anime series that you start and then you finish so quickly. It’s very good at recapturing the idea of what it’s like being in high school. It’s also a nice little sneak peek for those of you who may not be there yet, though don’t expect things to be that chill always. Anyway, before we scare you more, let’s talk about the anime some more. Rainbow Days is definitely for those who want an easy-going anime with a lot of excitement.

The story is nothing too crazy, and sticks to the “a slice of life” genre. The general ideal of the story is that it is four friends who tease each other and their romantic interests. The story focuses on different points of view and the interactions between the characters. They have a lot of your typical high schooler problems and yes they are blown out of proportion, but that’s also part of the feeling of being in high school.


Everything within that world feels infinitely truthful and sometimes dramatic. What’s nice about these interactions is that you also get to learn piece by piece about the characters’ different personality types. This focus on simplicity thus makes for a comforting and familiar experience. It reminds us that not every anime adventure has to be about super crazy drama, or have to be super heavy-hearted.

Speaking of the characters, each of the characters you come in contact with in Rainbow Days has a personality of their own and yes some of them (maybe most) will be considered quite adorable! Many of them are also very relatable in different ways. You’ll come across the sadistic one, the naïve one, the playboy, and then the silent one.

The female characters have their traits as well. It’s cool seeing how their character types blend (or not) with each other and pointing out to your friends which ones you think they are and who you think you are!

So, if you want an easy-going anime that will keep you entertained but not drain you, then Rainbow Days is definitely one that you’d want to Binge! Wrap yourself up tonight in this warm and familiar blanket that is Rainbow Days.