Feature Play: Nanbaka

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When you’ve spent most of your time watching anime or reading manga, you think of the word “Baka” and laugh. It means “idiot,” and will easily become part of your vocabulary. Chances are that once our title “Nanbaka” at the top you thought of the term Baka. Well that’s a great start when talking about Nanbaka because fun and funny are what you’re signing up for with this anime.

You’re not going to find a very deep, meaningful plot here. Instead what you get is a fairly short show that will undoubtedly keep you laughing. It’s also a light weight story for those who are just not in the mood for harems or moe filled fan service like anime.

Nanabaka is an anime filled with humorous gags. Tension is constantly broken like the moments in which a serious fight will crop up. But don’t be fooled there are some slightly serious moments in the anime as well. Some argue that the seriousness takes away from the anime as a whole.

The story follows four young criminals who have questionable pasts. They have a reputation for constantly breaking out of every prison. But eventually they end up in the most brutal prison, and this is where our story starts. Comedy is what brings you in but the drama is what will keep you invested. In typical anime fashion it is over the top and incredibly fun!

If the gags and then the eventual drama sound interesting to you, then you should definitely watch Nanbaka!