Feature Play: Miss Hokusai

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Girl power is the biggest draw for the movie adaptation of the Hinako Sigiura manga series, Miss Hokusai. It is quite the beautiful biopic with animations that add a whole other depth to the storytelling the only way that the anime medium can.

The narrative decides to tell the tale from the daughter of famous painter’s Katsushika Hokusai point of view.

This sense of distance allows for us to access a different space in the story, and this element is told to us from the get go, as the movie outright says that this is untraditional.

The narrative continues into a rather unorthodox way of telling the story through a segment of beautifully episodic photos or paintings, if you will.

Each of these moments are meant to capitalize on a thought, a feeling, an emotion. This is interesting because these episodes almost feel like little stories within a bigger book of stories.

If you’re not paying attention, you will miss the deeper connections. It takes what we know of anime, being that it is episodic and even dialogue heavy, and uses these to heave its narrative.

The visuals in the movie, especially when it’s about an artist, have to be on par with other anime and this film definitely holds its head up high.

There are a lot of softer tones to the art work, especially when we are focused on the daughter. It is also seen in the sunsets which are awe inspiring.

Speaking of landscape shots, they truly do take your breath away. There is also a nice attention to detail with the depiction of the Edo era of Japan.

There is a sense of life and movement to the settings. This is especially true when you see how the changing world plays a character role in the story as well.

Miss Hokusai is a very ambitious movie, and clearly was meant to disturb the traditional storytelling conventions while also paying homage to it.

It’s a good movie that shouldn’t be missed! Check out the Trailer below!