Feature Play: Masamune-kun no Revenge

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The story of “Masamune-kun no Revenge” is one that many harem fans will know all too well. It follows a dull fat boy Masamune Makabe who got rejected by a beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki. He seeks revenge after he loses weight and turns into a good-looking guy with a different surname. The revenge love comedy series follows as Masamune tries to get Aki.

Aki is a sadistic girl who has the nickname “cruel princess”, and Masamune tries to get her to love him thus completing his revenge by turning her down when she becomes deeply in love with him.

Aki Adagaki character is fascinating enough to peak your interest. She is more or less your typical little tsundere and will make or break your love for her depending on how you feel about the character’s stereotype.

As for the main Character Masamune Makabe, there is a pleasant sense of evolution that you see when he goes from overweight, insecure boy to one with the shounen’s change of heart to get better, faster, and stronger.

The idea of revenge could be a bit hard to stomach at times. Masamune’s desire for rage could possibly make him shallow to some. However, the way the characters spend time interacting with each other gives this anime adaptation of this manga a lot of potential.

The anime adaptation follows the manga pretty closely, almost to the point of being panel by panel. Fans of the manga will undoubtedly be happy to hear this.

The anime and the manga do have slight character design changes, but that’s expected when transitioning between the mediums.

Masamune-kun no Revenge is for those who like harem based anime comedies and we recommend it for its general hijinks and funny tsundere character development, so check it out today!