Feature Play: Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

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Magic-Kyun! Renaissance is an anime that follows a girl named Kohana as she attends a magical school with the power to arrange flowers. The place has a bit of a familial legacy because Kohana’s mother went to the same school and Kohana wants to follow in her footsteps. While attending the magical school, Kohana gains the attention of boys who sparkle. Yes, they literally sparkle, which is the story’s base of magic.

The sparkles signify a person’s ability to do what they’re supposed to do. Kohana unfortunately doesn’t sparkle as much and this is tough on her because her mother had a great record of being a master sparkler. And thus we starts a very fun and inventive reverse harem anime.

Beyond the concept of sparkles, you’re getting into a rather predictable reverse harem. The boys that make up the harem are somewhat typical and work depending on if you accept their stereotypes or not. You’ll encounter the the one all the girls swoon over who has gorgeous long hair.

You’ve got the quiet guy who is strange and introverted and misunderstood. There’s the other quiet one who’s broody and angsty. You have the total opposite in the loud and proud and eagerly helpful guy, and of course the tsundere. We gobbled these characters and stories up very easily but that’s also because we enjoy reverse harem.

The main character is more fortunate in the development department as she is hard working, caring, and she is the type that wants to help others out.

The characters sometimes feel a little otherworldly and the animation is very smooth. And just as you’d expect from an anime with a heavy theme of sparkles, there are…well…sparkles! Lost and lots of them!

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance is very aware of its audience and makes no apologies for appealing to the reverse harem lovers. In general, shoujo fans will have no problem with the story, because it’s a nice slice of fun worth losing a day or so to in binge watching!