Feature Play: Gangsta

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Gansta is an interesting anime that takes a little while to fully immerse the watcher, but once you hit that point of interest, you’ll find it hard to pull back. With this in mind, part of the difference between this anime and many others is that things aren’t spelled out to you right from the start. What it’s doing is slowly building things up for you. Consider it prep work. So pay attention.

Some people will think of Black Lagoon when watching this series. Of course first off you’ve got the gun and gangs, but the story isn’t the same because Gangsta branches off into a more unique plot. That being said, the plot itself isn’t all that hard to initially explain: it follows two assassination type men and a girl who are involved in some pretty dirty work, which makes things pretty exciting and beautifully chaotic.

The characters are somewhat realistic in that they don’t really pop out in super crazy unique ways like your typical Shounen characters but given that this is a seinen, it’s understandable why. A strong advantage to the plot though is that it doesn’t just focus on one particular character. It was clear they wanted to give stage room to many of them and it works.

For a divisive anime, we found it to be interesting and worth the experience. It is a bit slower and also hard to understand if you’re not paying attention but it’s nice to see anime that’ll challenge its viewers. It’s definitely for those people who can be a little patient and those who like their anime sprinkled with gang oriented violence and politics.