Feature Play: Break Ups

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Break Ups is a fourteen minute short film and really shakes up the idea of what it means to tell a meaningful story. It accomplishes this within such a short time and it’s amazing! At first it’s a little jarring if you’re not use to it, but so impactful and memorable after you’ve finished watching it.


Break Ups also shows that art can be a big way of telling a tale, as each scene is packed to the brim with little clues.

So what is Break Ups? It’s a story about a man and woman who are involved in an on-again, off-again romance. The film starts with the two of them on the beach. It’s in this stolen moment that a briefcase washes up.


They inspect it and then boom they are traveling through time. They are taken to different points in their relationship, which are a culmination of both good and bad moments.

The characters are meant to examine their actions, decisions, and then afterward they are put back on the beach. It’s here where they’ll make their decision to break up again or to stay together perhaps for the final time.


The story is incredibly relatable to anyone who has been in a similar situation and this is easily the animation’s strongest point. It approaches the universal narrative of heartbreak, relationships, and romance.

The animation is concept driven over being story or character driven and that’s why it is important for you to understand the way a short story works. It seems to imply that you are meant to insert yourself into the couple’s situation, depending on your personal perspective and to use them as a conduit.


On top of this, many of the ideas in the story are left very open-ended. This is done on purpose as once again, it’s conveying a concept in a short amount of time but it’s also allowing for the watcher to insert himself or herself into the situation. It’s also a bit tricky because it seems simple when you first watch it but, it’s got more going on than you think.


Sometimes it’s nice to have a film that totally shakes up the regular way you approach things. In this case this is a very quick, ultra sudden jolt that is over before you realize. But it’s in this aftershock that you realize that the experience was so worth it.