Feature Play: Attack On Titan Season Two Episode Six

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We’ve been excited to finally get to see Attack on Titan’s second season. It’s been roughly a five year wait as fans of the anime twiddled their thumbs waiting for the manga to play catch up.


Well it’s been over two months now and we are six episodes in, which is roughly halfway through the season and it seems like things aren’t going to stop. If anything it’s been revelation after revelation!

As the sixth episode of the second season, the episode hits the ground running with story. There has been so much build up, and it’s undeniably satisfying to see the reveals dropping like candy from a piñata.

What makes the reveals in this particular episode different is that they’re far more straightforward than usual, and may be a bit difficult for some fans to swallow given it’s style.

In way, it does feel just a tad rushed, but to be honest, you barely even have time to register things as they keep coming as an onslaught to your senses.


!!Spoiler incoming!!

Perhaps one of the biggest reveals was when we find out that Reiner has been quietly struggling to keep himself mentally afloat. In a rather emotional moment, he reveals his big secret due to his dwindling mental health.

It was awful seeing his turn into a titan and taking Historia’s friend captive. This is especially painful when you think of how he was so connected to Historia in the first place.


!!Spoilers done!!

For the halfway point, this was quite the stirring moment and will undoubtedly have the netizens talking about it for a while. At least that is until more of the other reveals happen soon enough.

We’re bracing ourselves!