Anime Play: Usagi Drop

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Slice of life is an important part of anime and manga as it helps to give us a perspective of people we didn’t know about and can help build empathy in us.

That’s why anime like Usagi Drop are so important. In Usagi Drop, the concept is around the problem of parenting. It’s not easy. It involve many sacrifices.

Usagi Drop is adapted from a Josie manga by artist Unita Yumi and is about Kawachi Daikichi, who is a 30 year old salesman who goes back home for a family funeral.

It’s here where he finds out that his grandfather had an illegitimate child who is named Kaga Rin. Sadly her mother is unknown and consequently no one knows who should take care of her.

It’s from his frustration with the others that he asks Rin if she’d like to stay with him.

The anime stays close to the manga. It’s still charming in the same manner and with the same amount of heart. The story is still a bit on the slower side but that’s what you’re getting yourself into when you watch a slice of life anime.

What’s interesting to note though is that while there is sentiment in the narrative it’s never overt like it’s other slice of life family members. There is a much more mature aspects to it.

There is also a sense of realism to it as you will see the main characters have to deal with Japanese societal issues as well.

Artistically speaking, the anime is beautiful. The art form is quite stylized but the emotions are understated.

Character wise, you’ll be interested in Kawachi. He’s quite the cool guy. What’s nice is that he goes against the grain of what you’d expect from a male lead.

He is also easily one of the best developed characters we’ve come across in a while. It’s also nice to see how he works out the problems of raising a child.

Rin on the other hand won’t be winning any awards for her performance any time soon but does a good job of being a kid. She’s pretty typical for the young kid and you will grow to care about her.

She does however grow into her own character as she begins to adapt and accept her new living situation. There is something quite endearing in seeing her adapt and goes to show that children indeed have a strong way of adapting to difficult situations.

Usagi Drop is definitely for those who aren’t into the typical fan Service and gore and such that comes with other story lines in anime and manga.

It is a breathe of fresh air that we can’t recommend enough.